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Women in Politics

We champion women's political leadership and representation by building campaign support, addressing violence against female politicians, reshaping policies on gender-based violence, and fostering global leadership networks for women through communication and events.


A global initiative for equal rights in politics

We are committed to making equal representation and power in politics a reality.

Supporting Women's Campaigns

Design Council meeting in Bogotá.

The meeting was the first step in designing a pilot project aimed at bolstering infrastructure to support women running for elected office in the Global South.


Our expert group is composed of politicians, campaigners, local organizations working to support women in politics and experts in the field from five Latin American countries. In the coming months, we plan to organize similar meetings in other regions.


Discover more about our project here.

Reimagining Politics

"Delivering on gender representation in political leadership” at the European Forum Alpbach.

In partnership with Multitudes Foundation, we brought together political changemakers in a collective effort to build representative, intersectional and impact-driven political leadership.

Twenty-nine politicians, activists, academics and political entrepreneurs shared their stories over three days. Participants worked on strategies and solutions to make politics more representative and help women get into politics, thrive in the job to lead in their communities and empower democracy.

Our Team

Janani Photo.jpg

Janani Padmanabhan

Project Manager

Suki Capobianco Photo.jpg

Suki Capobianco

Head of Women in Politics

Are you embedded in feminist politics as a politician, campaigner, activist or social entrepreneur?

We want to talk to you! Your perspectives would be invaluable in helping support new and existing politicians, and in making the world a better, more equal place. Reach out to or for more.

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