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Political Leadership Entrepreneur Network

The Political Leadership Entrepreneur Network (PLEN) is a global community of 70+ organizations working to cultivate more ethical, diverse, prepared and supported people to run for political office and serve us well once they've been elected. It is convened by the Apolitical Foundation.

We support a diverse range of organizations working on political leadership.

Explore our PLE Atlas

Political Leadership Impact Path 15.03.png
Political Leadership Incubators (PLIs)

PLIs work to get new and different people into politics. They work with future politicians up until they run for office, i.e. politics 1-4 of the Political Leadership Impact Path.

Political Leadership Accelerators (PLAs)

PLAs support politicians to serve people the the planet well. They work from points 5 to 9 of the leadership impact path.

Ecosystem Supporters

Ecosystem Supporters support the ecosystem as a whole, while PLIs and PLAs work directly with politicians. These groups build better political leadership through strategic research, funding, convening etc.

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