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AI and Political Leadership

A Report by the Apolitical Foundation

AI is changing politics, and it's happening fast. We are at a critical juncture where the decisions we make today about AI in politics will have lasting implications. Understanding how political leaders can ethically and effectively use AI is critical to updating political leadership for the 21st century. The Apolitical Foundation presents this report as a first step toward practical AI guidance and education for politicians and the other political leaders who support them.

Top 10 Insights

  1. Despite its significant downsides, AI can be harnessed for good by political leaders.

  2. Political leaders from underrepresented groups, particularly women, will probably feel the pitfalls of AI the most. The toll of nefariously used AI could drive them out of office or stop them from running in the first place.

  3. AI doesn’t appear to be used before a leader runs for office. Opportunities exist for innovation and tools during this stage of the Political Leadership Impact Path.

  4. Political leaders urgently need education on how to use AI ethically.

  5. AI has the potential to help politicians build trust with citizens by increasing more effective citizen engagement.

  6. We should explore how AI can be used to decrease polarization created by “filter bubbles.”

  7. We need tools, rules and norms that make it clear whether content is AI-generated or not.

  8. We need more diverse people in the design and discussion around AI.

  9. AI in political leadership has been so far mostly overlooked and needs more academic and applied research.

  10. We need to invest in entrepreneurs who are creating positive AI tools and technology for political leaders.

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